Jade (geekcreative) wrote in caprica_fans,

Beginning of Line Seeking Slash Fiction and Smut

Missing Caprica?  Hop over to Beginning of Line, a fanfiction site dedicated to extending Caprica's storylines into Season 2 and beyond.

Beginning of Line is now accepting submissions of slash fiction and smut!  Any pairing is accepted, whether it be Amanda/Clarice, Joseph/Evelyn, Zoe/Lacy, Sam/Larry...the possibilities are endless!  How much sex you include, and how graphic it is, is entirely up to you - but these stories should focus on the romantic relationships in Caprica. 

Please send submissions as a MSWord or a Google doc to beginningofline[at]gmail[dot]com, and please limit your stories to 1,500 words max. Stories should be submitted by June 30th to be considered for the summer.

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